Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my BVN needed ?

This is completely optional but to activate your virtual account you need to go through the BVN verification process. You can still trade on the platform without your BVN

Can I withdraw to other bank accounts?

Yes you can, by linking your bank accounts to your ridima account you can withdraw straight from your wallet

How to get a reversal for bill payment?

If you paid a bill using the platform and it’s still not reflecting you can file a complaint with customer support for them to follow up with your transaction

How do I fund my wallet?

Funding your wallet is quite easy, Select the amount, use your virtual account details then pay.

Is Ridima safe to use?

Absolutely! We ensure that the gift cards and funds are well protected. Every user can secure their wallet with a 4 digit PIN.

How can I contact you?

You can always reach out to us [email protected]

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