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Where To Sell Gift Cards For Cash [Instantly]

Are you looking for where to sell gift cards for Cash instantly in Nigeria 2023?

Then this article is for you, don’t worry yourself again anymore.

Yes! This is the best place for you to trade your cards today.

Some time ago, I got a gift card from a friend and I needed to sell and exchange it for Cash. (Naira).

I quickly searched online on Google for the best places to sell gift cards for cash instantly in Nigeria.

A list of platforms that trade gift cards came up after I checked through them, and I decided to go with just one.

This particular gift card service is among the best in Nigeria providing high-quality and top-notch services to all its users.

Introducing — RIDIMA Gift Card Trading Platform.

where to sell gift cards for cash is the only official and legit platform for selling gift cards today and receiving an instant cash payment.

So, if you’re asking or thinking of where to sell your gift cards for cash in Nigeria, Ridima is here for you.

Also, if you’re wondering, “Where can I trade my cards at the highest rates to avoid being scammed?”

Ridima Platform is the best option. We provide the best rates on all kinds of gift cards.

Our platform offers additional services, such as buying /Airtime/Data, Bill Payments, and Virtual Dollar Cards.

The Ridima Mobile App is loaded with the most thrilling features and is currently the Most Popular Gift Card Trading App in 2023.

Ridima App can be downloaded through the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

You can always make use of the Ridima App for fast and quick trading of your gift cards.

Quickly download the Ridima Mobile App here.

Features of Ridima Mobile App

Below are the amazing features included in the Ridima App and the advantages of using the mobile app for all of your gift card trading.

1. Easy to Setup

The Ridima Trading App is very easy to set up and begin using it.

All you have to do is, download the app, register an account, and begin trading right away.

2. Beautiful User Interface

The Ridima mobile app has a simple and beautiful user interface that allows for easy navigation around the app.

It is easy to navigate and manage your gift card transactions via the app anytime, any day.

3. Trading of all Gift Cards

On the Ridima App, you can sell all kinds of gift cards, including Steam Gift Cards Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play cards, etc.

We accept all types of gift cards. This includes physical Cards, Ecodes, and Receipts.

However, you can buy or sell any gift cards on our platform and get paid instantly.

4. Smooth and Fast Transactions

Ridima provides you with instant confirmation of trades and immediate payment.

Ridima App is known for secured and seamless transactions; you don’t have to worry about network problems.

5. Instant Payment and Withdrawal

With Ridima App, you will receive a quick payment directly into your account’s wallet after exchanging your gift cards.

Immediately the cash equivalent of the gift card is paid into your wallet, you can then withdraw to your bank account anytime you want.

6. Highly Safe and Secured

The Ridima app is 100% secured and protected with top-level internet security. You can comfortably sell gift cards with ease.

Everything is secured. You do not have to worry about your gift card, bank account details, or your cash.

You don’t need to keep looking for where to sell gift cards for cash again, Ridima app is the best app to sell Gift Cards in Nigeria with top-notch security.

7. High Gift Card Rates

Ridima offers the highest exchange rates and provides amazing rates on all gift cards that are on the platform.

You can always trade your gift cards at the best possible rates using the Ridima Mobile App.

8. Buy Airtime and Data

This is an exciting feature of this platform; you can purchase Airtime and Data on Ridima.

Any time you’re running low on Airtime or Data, quickly buy and recharge your network directly from the Ridima App at a 2% off discount.

9. Make Bill Payments

In the Ridima App, you can pay Bills like Internet/WIFI, TV Cable Subscriptions, Betting Wallets, Electricity Bills, and many more.

Also, you get to enjoy the benefit of a 2% discount on the actual prices.

10. Virtual Dollar Card

The Virtual Dollar Card is another amazing feature on Ridima that allows users to transact online on any platform.

Our Virtual Card feature is coming soon on the platform and it’s yet to be officially launched.

11. 24 Hours Availability

Gift card trading and all other services are always working through our mobile app and website.

Ridima App is available 24/7, always active, and accessible to use from anywhere, anytime, and any day.

12. Customer Service Support

Ridima provides high-quality customer service for all users, whether new or existing users on the platform.

You can reach our Customer Support directly from the app and website to ask questions or get help with your card transactions.

13. Check Gift Card Rates

You can always know the current price of any gift card by checking the rates at any given moment.

This feature will allow you to check the rate of your cards before selling.

14. Hot Gift Cards

This is a feature on the Ridima platform that provides you with the list of top hot gift cards that are selling at the highest rates.

With this feature, you can always identify the top-selling gift card at any particular time.

15. Leader Board

This is another interesting feature in the Ridima App, which displays the Top Traders on the platform.

On the LeaderBoard, you will find the daily top traders, monthly top traders, and yearly top traders.

Additionally, you can view the top three winners who have the most successful trades done on the platform.

List of Gift Cards to Sell on Ridima Platform

Here’s a list of the most popular gift cards that you can trade and sell for cash on the Ridima Platform.

  • Steam Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • Razer Gold Gift Card
  • eBay Gift Card
  • Apple iTunes Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • Sephora Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • Walmart Visa Gift Card
  • American Express Serve Gift Card
  • American Express (Amex) Gift Card
  • BestBuy Gift Card
  • Blooming Dale’s Gift Card
  • Apple Store Gift Card
  • Footlocker Gift Card
  • Macy Gift Card
  • Vanilla/OneVanilla Visa Gift Card
  • Vanilla/OneVanilla Mastercard Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • Saks Gift Card
  • GameStop Gift Card
  • NetSpend Gift Card
  • JCPenney Gift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card.

How To Sell Gift Cards on Ridima App

Step by Step Guide on How to Trade using this Gift Card Trading App in Nigeria.

  1. Download the Ridima Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Sign Up to create an account, and then Log in.
  3. Locate and click the “Trade Gift Card” menu, then select “Sell Gift Card” to choose your gift card and continue.
  4. After completing the trade, wait 5 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  5. Once the card transaction is Confirmed, your Cash will be paid into your Wallet.
  6. On the Wallet menu, click on Withdraw, input the amount you want to withdraw, and then add your bank account for instant cash withdrawal.
  7. Then Withdraw straight into your Bank Account.

Ridima Contact Details:


Email Address: [email protected]




So, this is all you need to know about the RIDIMA Gift Card Trading Platform.

With this guide, you don’t need to look for where to sell gift cards for Cash again.

This platform is the only place to sell your cards right now and get paid instantly.

Start trading your gift cards on our platform today and enjoy peace of mind.

Get started today, and you’ll be glad you did.



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