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Where is the Security Code on the Starbucks Gift Card?

As a coffee lover, I find the Starbucks gift card to be a source of many delightful moments. It’s incredibly convenient, allowing me to load a dollar value and enjoy unrestricted shopping at any Starbucks store. This level of convenience, coupled with its versatility as a gift for various occasions, makes the Starbucks gift card truly special. 

As a regular user of the Starbucks gift card, one of the most frequently asked questions people ask me is, where is the security code on the Starbucks gift card? 

In this article, I will answer this common question and also explain how to use the security code more clearly. Follow closely. 

What is a Starbucks gift card? 

The most challenging experience people have with Starbucks gift cards is being certain whether to register their cards. Before we address this, let me share some basic information about Starbucks gift cards with newbies. 

A Starbucks gift card is a prepaid card that allows you to purchase Starbucks coffee and related products at the Starbucks store. Unlike some cards, it has no expiry date. Hence, you can always load more money onto your Starbucks gift card to make more purchases. 

As a new owner of a Starbucks gift card, you will provide your name, phone number, and email address. You also need to create a PIN to verify your identity before you use the card. 

If you lose your Starbucks gift card, you can ask for a new card and stop the missing one. You can do this via the Starbucks app or website. However, you will need to provide your card number and PIN to stop the missing Starbucks gift card. 

How to Use a Starbucks Gift Card

Now that you have learnt what a Starbucks gift card is, it is important to know how to use it. Like most Gift cards, Starbucks exists in two forms;

  1. Physical Starbucks Gift card, and 
  2. Virtual Starbucks Gift card. 

Their values range between $5 and $75, and you can choose whatever option you prefer. You can easily get your physical Starbucks Gift card at retail stores like Walmart, Target, and Kroger. If you want the virtual form, you can get it from Amazon, eBay, or directly from Starbucks. 

Anytime you want to pay, all you have to do is show your card. If you are using a virtual card, you will need to provide the 16 digits provided in your email. 

Your Starbucks gift card is your first point of debit, giving you the power to control your purchases. If you don’t have sufficient funds, you can easily top up with cash or your debit/credit card. The Starbucks app is another flexible tool that empowers you to make payments using your Starbucks gift card, making your Starbucks experience even more convenient and enjoyable. 

What is the Security Code on the Starbucks Gift Card? How to Use it. 

The security code, also known as the Card Security Code (CSC) or Card Validation Code (CVC), is the 8-digit number on the back of the Starbucks gift card. This number plays a crucial role in safeguarding your card’s information, especially during online transactions or in case of theft. It’s a reassurance that your card is protected, adding an extra layer of security to your Starbucks experience. 

Note that if you are using your card in a physical store, no one will ask you to provide your Security code. However, you will need it to proceed with online transactions. Also, you will need the code to do the following;

  1. Check the balance 
  2. Reload funds and 
  3. Earn rewards 

To locate the Security code on your Starbucks gift card, check the scratch-off layer at the back of your card. For a digital card, you can click on Redeem to view the gift card number and security code. 

How to Add Starbucks Gift Card to the Starbucks App

Did you know that you can easily add your Starbucks gift card, whether it’s electronic or physical, to your Starbucks App? It’s a simple process that requires your card and security code. Let me walk you through it.

  1. Download the Starbucks App from the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. 
  2. Open the app and access the profile information at the top right icon. 
  3. Click on Starbucks Cards & Payment. 
  4. Input the Starbucks gift card number and security code in the required sections. 
  5. Click on Add Gift Card to add the gift card to your account. The balance will be loaded automatically into your account. 
  6. You can begin to use your card. 

It is advisable to double-check that your balance is correct before you proceed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Code on Starbucks Card 

Question 1: Why does my Starbucks card have no security code? 

Your Starbucks card may not have a security code because;

  1. It is a paper card with no scratch-off panel at the back. 
  2. It is a digital card with no security code at all.
  3. The security code may have been damaged by wear and tear. 

Question 2: Can I add my Starbucks Gift Card to the Starbucks App? 

Yes, you can. Follow the process already described above. 

Question 3: Do I need a PIN for my Starbucks Gift Card? 

Yes, you need your four-digit PIN to register and use your card. Don’t divulge this information to anyone, as fraudulent people can access your funds through it. 

Question 4: Why am I getting an Invalid Security Code as my response? 

This means you have entered the wrong card number or security code. To resolve this, confirm if you have entered the correct security code and card number. If the problem persists, you can contact customer service for assistance. 


By now, you will agree that the Security Code on your Starbucks Gift Card is as important as the card itself. Ensure you protect it as you would protect every other card information. With these card details intact, you can enjoy an unrestricted shopping experience at Starbucks—so refreshing! 

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