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Top 10 Gift Cards in Dubai 

Top 10 Gift Cards in Dubai today, July 24, 2024. Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world. As a highly commercial location, one can always participate in a variety of shopping experiences. In addition, it is the perfect spot for sightseeing and tourism. 

The United Arab Emirates Dirham is the currency spent in Dubai. However, you don’t need a lot of cash at hand to have a good time in their cities. In Dubai, Gift cards can be a convenient and hassle-free option to ensure non-stop fun. 

In this article, I will be discussing the top 10 gift cards that can help you have a great time in Dubai. Follow closely. 

Top 10 Gift Cards In Dubai 

In Dubai, you have the freedom to choose from a variety of gift cards, including international and local cards, that are exclusive to the UAE. The versatility of these cards allows you to cater to your interests and those of your recipient, making every gift unique and exciting.

The top ten gift cards in Dubai are listed below, which you may purchase for yourself or a loved one:

  1. Dubai Mall gift card

The Dubai Mall gift card is one of the most often used gift cards in Dubai.

One of the biggest shopping centres in the world is the Dubai Mall. You should definitely visit this mall if you are in Dubai. With a Dubai Mall gift card, you can enjoy great restaurants, engaging entertainment, and shopping sprees.

This card ensures an exciting day full of top-notch brands and unique attractions like the Dubai Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, KidZania, and indoor ice rink. A Dubai Mall gift card can be used for anything you wish as long as it stays inside the mall. 

  1. Amazon UAE Gift Card

When you’re in Dubai and want to purchase anything on Amazon, the Amazon UAE gift card is the best option. It’s a great option whether you’re wanting to surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift or if you’re a new resident in the area and require everyday supplies.

It’s a practical and adaptable choice for your shopping requirements or a kind gift for a loved one in Dubai. Incredibly, it allows the holder to enjoy access to any product that Amazon offers for sale. 

  1. Apple Gift Card

In Dubai’s gift card market, the Apple gift card is a popular option and among the most well-liked gift cards. With this tech-savvy gift, you can extend your cloud storage space and renew your Apple Music subscription.

It also gives you access to the newest Apple items available in the city. Apple products such as iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, AirPods, iWatches, and others can be bought using an Apple gift card.

With the Apple Gift Card, you can elevate your gift-giving game significantly. It’s a certain way to make any Dubai tech enthusiast happy.

  1. Virgin Megastore Gift Card

The Virgin Megastore Gift Card is useful if you enjoy gadgets, music, books, and other media.

Virgin Megastores may be found all around Dubai. You can use the gift card at any of these stores; it will always be useful. 

Enter a vibrant world of entertainment with a Virgin Megastore gift card. The store sells everything from the newest technology to vinyl records, best-selling books, and lots more.

  1. Microsoft Gift Card

In Dubai, Microsoft gift cards are highly popular and make excellent presents. They are used to purchase different digital products from the Microsoft store. Subscriptions to Office 365, films, Xbox Live, games, the Windows Store, films, music, and more may all be paid for with them.

This gift card is ideal for friends and family, particularly those who are still in school or work in corporate settings. It’s a flexible gift with a variety of possibilities for productivity and leisure. 

  1. Google Play Gift Card

The Google Play gift card is another popular gift card in Dubai. Android smartphone owners who are tech buffs may find this gift card very useful. It is your go-to pass for the official Android marketplace.

This card will cover you whether you wish to download premium apps or other digital goods from the Google Play store.

  1. VOX Cinemas Gift Card

VOX cinemas can be accessed with a UAE mall gift card, but VOX Movies also offers a gift card of its own.

With a VOX Cinemas gift card, you can enjoy the cinematic enchantment. There is one cinematic experience worth discussing. The VOX Cinemas gift card delivers the thrill of the big screen to anyone who enjoys films or wants to spend some quality time in front of the screen. 

  1. Mall of the Emirates Gift Card

It is important to distinguish the Mall of the Emirates from Dubai Mall, which is often referred to as the UAE Mall. The UAE Mall is large, even though it’s among the largest malls in the world. It is still, however, one of Dubai’s most well-known shopping locations.

The Mall of the Emirates offers a mixture of high-end and mid-range brands, offering a multitude of shopping choices. Other attractions include Magic Planet for youngsters and Ski Dubai, which features actual snow.

The value of the UAE mall gift card is between 100 and 2500 AED. With a gift card, you can indulge in a day of shopping, see the newest films at VOX theatres, or have dinner at the Mall of the Emirates.

  1. Netflix UAE Gift Card

Who doesn’t love Netflix? People from all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates, watch Netflix.

Consider giving someone in Dubai a Netflix gift card if you want to give them a thoughtful present that will help them unwind. Netflix is ideal for binge-watching a ton of documentaries, TV series, games, and movies. They wouldn’t have to worry about paying for subscriptions if they received a Netflix gift card.

The recipient of this gift card enjoys unwinding with great television series or films. We see it as giving them a ticket to never-ending amusement. 

  1. iTunes Gift Card

Because it provides a flexible digital experience, the iTunes gift card is among the best gift cards available in Dubai. This gift card gives you access to a vast array of entertainment options on Apple’s platform, regardless of your interests in music, movies, applications, or books.

It’s the ideal present for people who adore the Apple environment and like customising their digital material because iTunes offers a wide range of alternatives.

How To Trade Dubai Gift Cards for Naira 

If you live in Nigeria but have friends, family, or loved ones in the United Arab Emirates, they can send you gift cards that you can convert to exciting cash rewards. 

Ridima is undoubtedly the best trading platform in NIgeria. While credible sources have attested to this, users can also tell you about their quality experience using the app. See how easy it is to get started; 

  • Select the type of gift card you want to send money through. 
  • Open your Ridima app and log into your account. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS users. 
  • On the next page, click on “Buy/Sell Gift Cards.”
  • Choose “Buy Gift Cards” from the displayed options. 
  • Indicate the country of the gift card you want to send, for instance, the United States. 
  • After choosing the gift card country, indicate the gift card brand you decide to buy. 
  • Input the amount and quantity of gift card you want to purchase. 
  • Click on “Proceed” to ascertain the purchase. 
  • Check the purchase summary before proceeding to buy the gift card(s). 
  • The transaction is completed.


There are several gift cards in Dubai, but the list above is for the top ten. If you want to give someone other gift cards that may not be listed above, Ridima is your best bet. You will find almost all types of gift cards at mouth-watering deals. 

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