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How To Sell Gift Cards on Ridima Platform

Are you looking for Where to Sell Gift Cards and How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash without losing money or falling victim of fraud?

Do you want to know What is the Best Gift Card Trading Platform that has the highest rate today in Nigeria?

Ridima Gift Card Trading Platform is the Solution!

Yes! This platform is the Ultimate Solution for all your gift card trading.

Ridima allows you to sell your gift cards for instant Naira at the highest rates, buy airtime, and pay bills, all in one place.

Selling your gift cards at the highest rates with instant Cash payment is the main selling point offered by Ridima.

If you’re thinking of the best Gift Card exchange platform, Ridima is your best option.

Ridima offers a variety of exciting features on the platform, including Airtime/Data purchases, Bill Payments, and Virtual Cards.

This article is a simple step-by-step guide on how to sell gift cards, buy airtime/data and pay for bills on RIDIMA.

Let’s quickly see the various features of this platform and the steps on how to start trading on the Ridima platform.

How To Sell Gift Cards On RIDIMA

To begin trading on our platform, you must create an account, sign up via the website, or download our mobile app.

When you trade using our app, you’ll enjoy quick trading and instant transactions.

Download Ridima Mobile App from Google Play Store Here

Download Ridima Mobile App from Apple Store Here

After downloading the app, quickly register and create your account:

  • Log in and follow the instructions to set up your profile.
  • Complete your account setup and verify your BVN (Optional).
  • Add your bank account details for the withdrawal of funds.

Once you have logged into your account and completed the setups, click on the “TRADE GIFT CARDS” menu, then select “SELL GIFT CARDS.”

Now, you can use the search bar to search for the gift card you want to sell or select from the list of the displayed gift card brands.

Choose the currency of the gift card (USD, GBP, EUR), etc., and then quickly select the card type as Physical card, Ecode, Receipt, etc.

Proceed to the next step by selecting the sub-category of the card, then choose the card value and enter the card amount.

When you enter these details, the total cash payout in Naira will be displayed together with the rate, then click to proceed.

Now you can enter the Ecode or snap/upload a photo of your gift card and continue.

Confirm the details of your card and finally click on Sell Gift Card.

Quickly read/accept the Card terms and Confirm to complete your transaction.

Immediately after confirming your gift card, you’ll be notified of your transaction status as (Trade is Successful).

Instantly, your account wallet will be credited with the Cash equivalent of your trade; you can then withdraw to your bank account.

Features of Ridima Gift Card Trading Platform

There are 3 major features available on the Ridima Mobile App and Web Platform, these include.

  • Gift Card Trading
  • Airtime and Bills Payment
  • Virtual Dollar MasterCard.

1. Gift Card Trading

Gift Card Trading is one of the essential features and the number one priority of the Ridima Platform.

Our platform’s gift card trading feature allows you to Sell Gift Cards, Buy Gift Cards, Check Gift Card Rates, and find Hot Gift Cards.

On the mobile app or website, locate and click the “TRADE GIFT CARDS” menu, then choose any options and start trading.

The four options under the Gift card trading feature include the following;

  • Sell Gift Cards: – To sell your gift cards, click on this (Sell Gift Card) option to find and choose from the list of gift cards available to trade on the platform.
  • Buy Gift Cards: – To buy gift cards, click on this option to proceed and purchase gift cards from our platform’s list of available cards.
  • Check Gift Card Rates: – This option allows you to check the current rates of various gift cards and their prices in Naira.
  • Hot Gift Cards: – This option allows you to see the list of top gift cards that are hot, popular, and have the highest rates.

2. Airtime and Bills Payment

Another exciting feature of the Ridima Platform is the ability to buy Airtime, Internet/TV Subscriptions, and make payments for your bills.

This feature allows you to buy Airtime/Data, Subscribe to Internet/Wifi, TV Cables, Fund your Betting Wallet, and Pay Electricity Bills. 

You can locate the Airtime and Bills payment option by selecting the “PAY BILLS” menu on the App or Website homepage.

The five options under the Airtime and Bill Payments feature include;

  • Airtime & Data: – You can buy or top-up your balance here by selecting the service you want (Airtime or Data), then your network details and phone number.
  • Internet & WIFI: – You can purchase Internet or WIFI subscriptions for different plans directly from our Mobile App or Website.
  • TV Cables: – Ridima offers TV Cables subscription plans for various service providers, including DSTV, GOTV, and StarTimes.
  • Betting Wallet: – Ridima allows you to pay and fund your betting wallet accounts across all betting platforms, including Bet9ja, BetKing, BetWay, NairaBet, etc.
  • Electricity Bills: – You can always pay for all utility and electricity bills directly from the Ridima platform.

3. Virtual Dollar Card

The Virtual US Dollar Mastercard is an interesting feature available for you on the Ridima Platform.

You’ll get access to create a working Virtual dollar card to be used for online payments and transactions.

However, this particular Virtual card feature will be released shortly on our platform.

Every user on our platform will benefit from this service once it’s launched; you only need to sign up on our site/app and get ready.

I know that you would want to take advantage of this. Trust me!

5 Major Factors For Choosing a Gift Card Trading Platform

  • Rates – Always check out platforms with the best rates when choosing a gift card trading platform.
  • Fees – Make sure to know if any additional fees or charges are involved when withdrawing your money from the platform.
  • Limits – Check for any restrictions or limitations on trading or withdrawing your money on the platform.
  • Security – When choosing a gift card trading platform, make sure that the platform is secure and safe to trade your cards.
  • Customer Support – Customer Service Support is the main engine of any online gift card trading platform, and this must not be ignored. It is crucial to remember this and ensure the platform’s customer support is available 24/7.

So yeah, it’s a pleasure to tell you that the RIDIMA Gift Card Trading Platform ticks well in all the above-listed factors.

This is the perfect time to choose Ridima and start trading your gift cards on this great platform.

If you have unused gift cards in your room, this is the time to get them used by exchanging them for Cash on our platform.

It’s not a good idea to waste your gift cards or lose value by abandoning them in your room.

It’s time to exchange and sell your gift cards for Cash now!

Quickly visit our website or download our app to start selling.

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So, this is everything you need to know about How to Sell Gift Cards on the Ridima Platform.

And this guide is the ultimate guide for you to start selling gift cards on our platform.

Get started immediately and trade your gift cards comfortably to enjoy peace of mind.

Ridima is here for you, and we are the best plug for all your gift card trading in Nigeria 2023.

Happy Trading!

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